Gee you don’t have to be such a jerk to get your point across. How do you have it in yourself to call me “stupid” like before and a “dumbass” seriously, I would never call anyone that.
Anyways, I’m aware of that. When you take antidepressants, what happens is…PLEASE READ THIS. I KNOW IT’S GONNA FEEL A LITTLE BIT LIKE SCHOOL AND I KNOW YOU’RE TIRED, BUT I CARE ABOUT YOU AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR BRAIN. so in your brain there are neurotransmitters, basically one neuron shoots off and triggers the next, and the passageway in between is what collects the chemical, like serotonin. What your brain would normally do is release the chemical through the passageway and absorb into the next neuron. All of this takes place in the prefrontal cortex and frontal lobe, associated with your memory, attention, planning, motivation, and the mental reward system that releases happy chemicals when you do things like eat and listen to music. When you’re depressed, yes, there is low serotonin. So what antidepressants do is stop serotonin from being absorbed into the next neuron and get trapped in the passageway where the chemical is released. Your brain isn’t supposed to have much stationary serotonin, and it overloads neurotransmitters, until you soon stop producing serotonin, like a pool vent that drains the excess water out in those holes in the wall near the surface to maintain a certain amount. Your brain treats this as a malfunction and adapts by thickening the passages between the neurotransmitters. Since the neurotransmitters for serotonin are located in the prefrontal cortex and frontal lobe (hens my reference to the word “lobotomy”) functions associated with that area, which I listed above, (memory, attention, planning, motivation,) become severely impaired. Gradually, the entire frontal lobe becomes less and less active. The associated areas in the frontal lobe function to produce a meaningful perceptual experience of the world, enable us to interact effectively, and support abstract thinking and language. (why my iq was lower when I was on them and raised again when I quit) The parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes, all located in the posterior part of the cortex, organize sensory information into a coherent perceptual model of our environment centered on our body image. If you want to rationalize everything into ‘all feelings are brain chemicals’ blah blah, then happiness is just as much of a state of mind as depression. I see you’re saying that not having serotonin is a disorder because people are meant to have serotonin, but sadness and depression is part of the emotional core of humans, in my opinion. From a rational perspective like yours, I say smoke pot or go outside or eat chocolate or demand that the shrink actually get to the real route of your emotional problem instead of lazily prescribing you drugs and gladly taking your money. IF YOU THINK I’M FULL OF SHIT I CHALLENGE YOU TO RESEARCH THE DANGERS OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS, FUCKING DO IT, I’VE BEEN DOING IT FOR THREE DAYS.

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